Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mango Man in the Republic of Bananas

Kamuk’s chances of getting re-elected as Sadar-E-Azam of the Republic of Bananas are becoming bleaker by the hour:

The Mango Man Movement to unseat him is gaining strength--

Sethji, his ally and financier, wants him to strike a deal with his revolting political rival Bahubali--

Worse, the ruthless Girgit Gang is determined to finish him off--

Caught between elections and personal survival, Kamuk is at his wit’s end--
Time is running out…

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Mr. Harikumar Elacode, former Chief General Manager and Managing Director of State Bank of Travancore relaxing in his Thiruvananthapuram home with ‪#MangoManInTheRepublicOfBananas. Says, ‘I read the book in a single sitting...a page-turner’


The subdued sensuous scenes interspersed within the pages are more titillating than an explicit elocution of the basic instinct… [Wadehra] has [also] lucidly captured the sordidity that plagues less evolved democracies - a deadly combination of political power, money power and unscrupulousness… the graphic description of greedy politicians and bureaucrats bring out [Wadehra’s] mastery over words and expression. – Mr. CP Ravindranath

Mango Man becomes a hit with the young adults! Vatsala in Lucknow, Chilman in Varanasi and Saurabh in Allahabad engrossed in ‪#MangoManInTheRepublicOfBananas

Randeep Wadehra. This one is for you. What I am holding in my hand is a well-written satire. Is it on the bestseller list yet?” Says Ms. Meera of Bangalore, a former senior State Bank of Mysore official. ‪#MangoManInTheRepublicOfBananas

Globetrotting Author and Yoga expert Ms. Jyoti Subramanian at home in Chandigarh with #MangoManInTheRepublicOfBananas

‪#MangoManInTheRepublicOfBananas travels to Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) with Mr. Natesan Swaminathan, a senior State Bank Official

"A pulsating fast paced novel! Can't put it down..." Mr. Mukundan K. Chennai-based senior Corporate Head.


"Fast Paced" – Mr. Ravi Kumar (Senior banker, Chennai). "Action Packed" – Mr. Umang Mehrotra (Business Analyst, Bengaluru) and "Awesome unexpected climax!" – Mr. Ramesh Vaidyanathan (Senior Banker, Chennai).


"Fast like reportage!" Says the USA-based journalist Mr. Davinder Pal Singh. 

After traversing the length and breadth of India, shaking hands with the readers in the USA, Mango Man reaches Tanzania. Mr. Madhava Murthy a senior official with the Diamond Trust Bank, Tanzania, engrossed in reading the novel. He comments, “ Good way to start reading novels again
Nothing thrills a writer more!

Mango Man reaches Hyderabad. Mr. Easwara Murthy, a senior State Bank official, at home with the novel.

At last, Mango Man reaches the national capital. Mr. Narendran Nair, a corporate Vice President, at home in New Delhi with #MangoManInTheRepublicOfBananas

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