Friday, May 5, 2017

Ode to the barbarian

Ode to the barbarian

Chest thumpers proclaim their patriotism
Damn traitors from the ramparts
Dissent is squashed by the roadside
Law and conscience forget their parts

Unaware he smiles through coarse clothes
Peace or war
Our hero guffaws at death
The soldier not movie star

The polite society loves to talk of him
But his presence gives them fright
Don’t spoil our fun
Just stay out of sight

When bullets rain death
Blasts make the earth tremble
Blood runs cold with war cries
Splendid mansions turn shambles

Hear the panicked yelp
O barbarian please don’t leave
Save our soul our honour please
Chic scared breasts ebb and heave

Your warm scent is comforting dear
The true son of soil’s sweat of toil
Your earthy manner brings us cheer
Banish the foe let your might uncoil

We live in the Age of the Hypocrite
Let others be soiled why us
Enjoy life shun the grind
Speak pretending patriots thus

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