Thursday, May 11, 2017

The angst

The angst

Pigeon shit drops
unseen on
His Honor’s ample nose

He is blind

Gambled away by her husbands
unclothed in public
Draupadi cries
in the Kuru court
for compassion dignity justice

Ideals fall to artifice
wisdom freezes in fear

Elders become hapless voyeurs
media retails salacious tidings
Shakuni grinds his artful axe

No son of mine can ever be guilty
His Honor booms
caresses his nose
the goo sticks to his fingers
he sniffs
manages a straight face

Draupadi’s rants go unheard

Krishna’s celestial song
leaves the audience cold

Duryodhana bellows
Now tell me
who is omnipotent
and eternal

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