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Spondy, a short story

He understood the duplicities of human nature but never retaliated. Instead, he developed a serene-scornful smile as a shield against hurt.

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VISWESWARAIAH: Excellent reading. Great writing, Randeep Wadehraji
P M Ganapati: A moving tale! Start to end, the pace is astonishing. And the finale is heart-wrenching. You will not be able to easily forget the protagonist Shashank - yes, I cannot call him by the name the traitor Dev has given. Excellent read!
Aarathi Iyer: The style of writing is highly captivating! The feelings of the main character Shashank has been depicted so well that one can relate to those emotions without just judging him on the basis of the allegations against him. I enjoyed reading it!
Santanu: This is the story of a brave man's struggles, written in incisive prose that takes us alongside the protagonist in a journey of discovery of the human nature ... it is a sad story made even more poignant by the fact that everything Randeep Wadehra writes seems so true. At the end, I couldn't but wonder why humans had to be so imperfect creations of Mother Nature
Bhawani Cheerath: An extremely sensitive portrayal of a life. The author has scored on effectiveness by choosing to make his sentences extremely brief at points, with a telling effect. While the human angst is conveyed the story does not weigh you down, but carries you along with the character sharing his experiences, keeping cynicism away. A craft that needs to be appreciated. More than just a 'Good Read'.
Amarjit: Excellent read... mesmerised!
Suresh Kumar: A unique writing touching upon our feelings in the course of life. It is a novel conception attempted by Waderaji. I wish well.
SITARAMAN K S: I was reading the life story of a good friend of mine in your words.
Srini Mohan: Wadhera does it again..to the Reader: carry to his virtual world
Narendran: Good story. Loved it. Liked the writing style of Mr.Wadehra.
Ramesh: Very poignant. I just loved the writing style. Hope to read more from this author.
Vivek Kumar: Nice play with words. The writer lays bare the human emotions.
Venkatakrishnan Ramachandran: Nicely written. Kudos to the author
N Kannan: Very poignant story. Reflective of real life. Great writing. The end was very moving.
Ganesan S: It is such a gripping narrative touching on the medical professions questionable ethics and the behaviour of all around you in the face of adversity. Very touching!
Km Subramanian: well written and makes for good reading. i strongly recommend
James Joseph: The author has literally lived through the trials and tribulations of the anti hero and that makes it engrossing
Ravikumar: A heart wrenching story, well written.
Srinivasan: Quite poignant. Very well written. The end was superb and touching. More such stories are welcome.
Saurabh: well written ... Enjoyed it !!
kaizad inspector: love it
Davinder: Trying to imagine how difficult it would be for an actor to portray such emotions, Wisps of smoke from joss sticks whorled their way to the ceiling, hit the languid fan, twirled away to hover on his serene-scornful face. The smile played up his luminous calmness, enlivened his lifeless lips. Nice character/pain description. Very interesting & repeat worthy read
C P RAVINDRANATH: Excellent piece of writing. The flow of thoughts is like the waters of a river: seamless. The imagery is superb. I enjoyed it as much as I did his earlier work "The Mangoman in the Republic of Bananas". Anticipating more such contributions from his stable.
r p subramamian: This is a powerful, deeply moving tale. The protagonist's story is one of great pain, physical and emotional, yet one of love and limitless courage too: narrated softly, starkly, like a Japanese water colour rendered with the finest of brushes. Brilliant.
Bindu Dighe: Very interesting and good
Harikumar: A straightforward story. I liked the narrative style as much as the message. Keep on writing; I want more of your stories.
Sangita Sahni: It seems so real...... As if every scene is playing in front of my eyes. Very well written.. All the best
Seema: Crisp narrative. Powerful imagery. Devastating critique of human nature. Extremely moving. Couldn't stop tears from flowing.
Umang Mehrotra: Enjoyed reading it!

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