Sunday, May 13, 2018

Two Poems for Mothers Day

I know

across your face
white streaks
among thick black hair
the red parting
into a vermilion moon
on the forehead
red bangles on wrists
henna on palms
hid the marks
of lifelong chores
cracked skin
snapped the fate line
they covered you
with a white shroud
you were dead
the red bridal dress
into orange flames
the setting sun
turned crimson
but you cannot die
I know
I was born to you


Garden’s whiff, kitchen’s waft
streams of sweat
mingled with milk
pain, exhaustion, tears
all banished
by your touch of silk

storms you faced cheerily
trifling with fate’s ire
you disdained vagaries of time

when you fell
skies convulsed earth trembled
fortress crumbled
our talisman lost forever
heads once held proudly high
defeated, must they bow
resounding laughters lost forever
mother dear, did you have to go?

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